"Jenny has this magical combination of gifts that she brings to her practice—a nurturing personality, wealth of expertise, spot-on intuition, exceptional counseling skills, and a real love for her vocation. She really “gets” what our teenage daughter is experiencing. The teaching, guidance, mentoring, and counseling that she is providing is making a real positive difference in our daughter’s life and for our family. We are so very, very grateful." (Cathy, Parent)


"In middle school I struggled immensely with depression. It's a hard time for anyone but I was unable to cope, so I turned to self mutilation as an escape. When I began to see Jenny it was the first time I felt comfortable enough with someone to talk about my issues and it was the first time I actually opened up about my problems to anyone. I attribute this to why I have a handle on my depression today and to why I no longer use self mutilation as means to cope. My time with Jenny was such a vital component to me becoming a happy person; I knew she sincerely cared about me and my recovery. Jenny is a genuine, kind-hearted person who goes above and beyond what is necessary for the people in her care. I can not accurately express just how grateful I am to her for all that she has done for me."  (April)


“I have benefited from Jenny’s work as a young person; I have also worked with her as a presenter. She is extremely skilled at both and dives into her work with aplomb. Jenny has taught me so much and is a wonderful teacher and coworker.” (Eamonn)


"As an adolescent, I was a bit of a loose cannon—I struggled with minor mania, depression, and self-harm. With Jenny’s help, the sad, angry parts of me were transformed into dedicated, self-aware patterns of healthy behavior. The 5 years that we worked together have stuck with me into early adulthood. Jenny’s commitment to allowing me to blossom and gain confidence in myself is a blessing for which I am incredibly grateful." (Leah) 


"Jenny is a woman of great insight, warmth and compassion. She was a trusted adult in my daughter’s life through a somewhat turbulent adolescence and I was grateful to have her there providing empathy and guidance. She continues to be a valued family friend, and I hold her in the highest esteem as a professional and as a wonderful, wise and kind human being." (Beth, Parent)


"Jenny is an empathetic and skilled listener who worked with at risk youth in Longmont, CO middle school. She is an expert communicator and an educational visionary." (Ari, Colleague)


"We all rely on Jenny to assist us with students who are struggling with personal issues that are affecting their performance in school, and their social and emotional health. It is such a relief to have someone we can turn to who will be able to skillfully and accurately assess a student’s level of distress, and know what resources are available to a student and his/her family. Jenny provides an invaluable service to our community. Her level of awareness 

and her vast experience in helping students is phenomenal." (Terry, Colleague)